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October 08, 2005

Ramadan in Mumbai by Farid Zadi

MumbaiI thought it would be fun to show photos of Ramadan celebrations from different parts of the world.

These photos of Ramadan in Mumbai were taken by Sue Darlow a member of  Another Sub-Continent  It's one of my favorite forums for discussions on Indian cuisines. I will post photos taken by my friend Suresh of Gourmet India later this week. He is very knowledgeable about Indian cuisines and gives tours. If you are planning to travel there, he is definately the person to consult.

I have also been sent photos of Indonesia and Malaysia. I've been promised photos from Algeria.

In India Ramadan is also pronounced Ramazaan. A member of another subcontinent explains it thusly:

In Persian and Urdu, the ض in رمضان is pronounced as ز. In fact, ذ ض ظ are also pronounced as ز. Though they are all pronounced the same way, these letters are preserved in spellings of words of Arabic origin.






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Thanks for the post. I've enjoyed looking at the photos!

By the way, I was able to make 2 of Anis' recipes. Very successful! Yay!


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