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November 02, 2005

Readership ranking by country

I'm bumping up this post to add some new countries. I'm trying to add a mapstats link to this blog.

Readership ranking by country:

1. France

2. United States (very close second to France)

3. Other continental European countries: Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Germany

4. UK, Australia and Canada (very close to #3)

5. Middle Eastern Countries: UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia

6. Turkey, Pakistan and India

7. Maghreb: Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia

8. Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia

9. Philippines, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan and Korea

10. We've been getting more page views from Finland,  Norway, SLovenia and The Ukraine.

11. We haven't gotten many, I mention it just for fun. South Africa, Ghana, Mozambique and Senegal!

12. Many other countries but the number of page views is not noteworthy yet.

I tried installing one of those visible visitors by country and for some reason it came out scrambled and messed up the site. It took me several hours to fix the site each time I tried.


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