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November 07, 2005

Sheafs of Green and Red by Karen


No, I'm not working on a rice post. Well, not yet. I just want to show the pictures of what I found out earlier.

The photo on the left is of regular lowland irrigated rice while the one on the right  is rainfed lacatan malutu or red-husked glutinous rice used for duman. These were taken months apart but the sheafs of grain are approximately of the same age.

In most, if not all Filipino languages, we use different terms to distinguish unhusked rice from milled and then cooked grains. In Kapampangan (a language of Central Luzon), these are palé, abias and nasi respectively (palay, bigas and kanin in Tagalog). There would even be other terms for cold rice, crusty rice found at the bottom of the pot, and so on. But for now, we'll stick to the first three terms mentioned earlier.

Now, this is where we enlist reader participation. What do you call rice in your language(s)? Are there different terms like those mentioned above? Let us know, we'd love to hear from you!


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Thanks for the words! I'm trying to compare ingredient names between countries and languages. That's a project I have on my main food blog. These will come in handy.

In Turkish:

Rice growing in the field is "çeltik."
Dry in the bin it's "pirinç."
Cooked up it's "pilâv."

In Morocco it is rouze; pronounced like the flower the rose.

I'm sure you'll start to get answers on the forum. I noticed that many people like to just read along, some are even shy about posting comments and prefer to send me emails instead.

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