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November 10, 2005

Thai Hot Dogs by Ji Young Park


I don't know if the place actually serves Thai Hot Dogs, although it would not surprise me. I've never heard of a hot dog with "Thai flavors" but stranger things have been concocted like pastrami burritos. Most likely they serve casual Thai dishes and the new owners simply did not bother to take down the hot dog on top of the structure. When I have more time I'll take a look at the menu. I took the photo through my car window.

I'm also posting photos of architectural oddities and peculiar juxtapositions here along with photos of where people shop for food in Los Angeles County, everything from produce trucks, farmer's markets, gourmet shops to so-called ethnic markets. Click on the link to see a colorful concrete block building next to a Korean Buddhist Temple next to a craftsman home.

I also started a thread on Filipino groceries and restaurants around the world. I am the LA correspondent for a group of Filipino food bloggers.

I have an Olympus Stylus 800 and a nifty Olympus SLR, both cameras can take high quality photos. All the shots you've seen so far were taken hastily, sometimes while driving! I don't really have the time to do more. But if there is a specific request I will take the time for better quality photographs. My focus is primarily on Korea Town at the moment, but I want to go into different parts of LA County to present a more complete picture of Los Angelenos.


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That's funny. You've got me looking for structural oddities where I am, but I don't see any. Well, not yet anyway. But I do like looking at the architecture of the various buildings. Depending on what part of the city you are, they are different.

Your photos are fun to look at.


I'd try a Thai hot dog too. I'm pretty sure Los Angeles is known for it's oddities in realm of those who study architecture as well. We have some funky stuff here.

I'm pretty sure someone in Paris looking at a hot dog on top of a Thai restaurant is thinking "wah?!!??"

I have a keen eye for oddities ;-) where ever I go.

Well, I'd buy a Thai hot dog, if they sold it. At least once. ;-)

It's interesting what types of building architectures that one will see when one takes the time to notice.


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