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December 09, 2005

Announcement By Farid Zadi

Dear readers and contributors

I know I've been promising to organize this blog and the other one as soon as possible. The thing that is holding me back is the potentional rise in web fees. Some days both blogs get a combined page view count of up to 4000 and the blogs are pretty new, that plus projected readership growth and the forum can potentially translate into exorbitant web fees. Those are the reasons for the delay. I'd like both blogs to be organized more like this blog.

A note to food writers

Posting on certain food forums is a great way to make some contacts and to exchange information. However the really knowledgeable people are easier to find in the blogsphere and I hope more food bloggers join the forum I started. To keep your name as writer out there, you really must blog. The future of food is here and it is blogging, they have search engine supremacy over more static appearing websites. There is absolutely no other medium through which the contributors here could have reached an audience that densely covers North America, Western Europe, the Mediterranean countries, the Indo-Malay archipelago, Australia and to a lesser extent South Asia, North Africa and Latin America so fast.

If you are concerned about google and yahoo's projects to make available cookbooks online, divert the traffic to your blog or if you do not have the energy to start your own blog, contact me about posting occasionally here.


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Hi TexMex

I use firefox when I'm posting to the blogs and don't have a problem.


I'm pretty sure that Harold McGee's site is designed using moveable type. That's what it looks. I could be wrong. Although not designed as a "blog"...yet...


I don't understand the link to Harold McGee's website. He doesn't have a blog that I can tell.

Firefox becomes crazy when reading your pages (when clicking on a link), I am not coming on your web anymore until this is fixed.,

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