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October 2, 2005 - October 8, 2005

October 08, 2005

Ramadan in Mumbai by Farid Zadi

MumbaiI thought it would be fun to show photos of Ramadan celebrations from different parts of the world.

These photos of Ramadan in Mumbai were taken by Sue Darlow a member of  Another Sub-Continent  It's one of my favorite forums for discussions on Indian cuisines. I will post photos taken by my friend Suresh of Gourmet India later this week. He is very knowledgeable about Indian cuisines and gives tours. If you are planning to travel there, he is definately the person to consult.

I have also been sent photos of Indonesia and Malaysia. I've been promised photos from Algeria.

In India Ramadan is also pronounced Ramazaan. A member of another subcontinent explains it thusly:

In Persian and Urdu, the ض in رمضان is pronounced as ز. In fact, ذ ض ظ are also pronounced as ز. Though they are all pronounced the same way, these letters are preserved in spellings of words of Arabic origin.

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October 05, 2005

Cuisine Terroir by Ed McGaugh


Recently my cooking has taken a provincial turn. I have become fascinated with simplicity. I use meats and vegetables that take hours to cook, and I am using Dutch-ovens and cast-iron pots more than ever before. I am in quest of ancient recipes and forgotten techniques: food that our forefathers cooked, “cuisine terroir“. For the time being, I have turned my back on all "new" food. Restaurants that turn apple juice into faux-caviar like El Bulli just depress me now. I can no longer tolerate any cooking that masks the true flavor of food. I want to use the most basic of ingredients and cook them painstakingly slowly with the utmost attention. I want to taunt the flavor out of my ingredients. I want to wait patiently, like a father waits for his children to grow up…like a connoisseur waits for his wine to be ready to drink.
Give me time…. give me the chance to tease and coax my ingredients to perfection… give me rooms thick with the perfume of slow-cooked food…. but most of all.... give me one or two friends that feel the same way to enjoy it with.

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October 03, 2005

The Foods of Aleppo- The Haute Cuisine of Syria



    We had arrived in Aleppo, Syria’s gourmet capital, that afternoon and had settled down in Chahba Cham Palace Hotel, the city’s top class abode.  However, we did not rest much.  I along with my daughter, were excited and we could hardly wait for the evening when we were to dine in one of the hotel’s fine restaurants.  A friend of mine in Damascus, Syria’s capital and the oldest inhabited city on earth had insisted that if we were to truly know the joys of Syrian cuisine, we had to try a buffet of Arab foods held on the weekend at Aleppo’s Chahba Cham Palace Hotel. 

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October 02, 2005

Newsletter by Farid Zadi

OK, not quite a newsletter.

1. Comments are moderated because I don't want spam comments that simply advertise another site. They are not moderated for the sake of editing. The only few comments that I have not published are ones that have nothing to do with the blogs. I do realize that as the blogs grow in readership something that allows posters to have a more fluid conversation will be necessary. Perhaps a chat room or forum attached to this. But it would have to be multi-lingual.

2. The blogs will be re-organized for easier searching and reading, as soon as my wife figures out how to use moveable type. It should not take her that long, but she has been busy with other projects.

3. There are more writers signing up as guest authors such as Habeeb Salloum and Linda D. Sawaya. I'm still looking for authors from different countries to contribute. If you know of someone or you are interested in contributing please email me at bookofrai@yahoo.com. The authors need not be published writers obviously. Since this blog is in English it is limiting for writers who are not confident about their English writing skills. We can assist with editing if that is a concern.

4. I'll add a calendar of author related events very soon. Authors who would like me to announce events or appearances can simply email them to me or post it on their own.


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