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October 22, 2005

Tunisian Octopus Soup by Anis Toumi


(Photo courtesy of Jaz in the city)

This is a spicy Tunisian octopus soup, we like piquant flavors with seafood. Octopus must be cooked quickly or very slowly to make it tender. Some say a cork helps to tenderize the octopus during cooking. I suggest to put the cork somewhere else. In other words, put a cork in it for silly cooking tips. I am sure though I have given out some funny ones too.

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October 19, 2005

Tunisian Couscous with Seven Vegetables by Anis Toumi

Tunisian cooking is Berber, Arab (Hispano-Arab) and a bit Sicilian. By Sicilian I mean the things the Saracens took to Sicily, brought back to Tunisia/Algeria and what the European colonials also brought. If you look at a map you can see how close Tunisia is to Sicily. There are more layers, but basically I think it's easiest understood along this trinity.

Seven is considered a lucky number in the Maghrebi countries. This is one version I make. I have others too. I do not like to argue about what should go into what.  I don't care what another cook thinks should go into my recipes. Okay, I care to learn, but I do not like experts telling me what to add.

I am very pleased to say that Paz has been preparing some of my recipes and is enjoying them.

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October 17, 2005

Fundraising Cookbook for the Center for Multicultural Human Services by Monica Bhide

Dear Friends,

I am collecting recipes for a labor of love—a fundraising cookbook for the local non-profit Center for Multicultural Human Services (CMHS). cmhs site

CMHS’s mission is to help people from ethnically diverse backgrounds succeed by providing comprehensive, culturally sensitive mental health and related services, and by conducting research and training to make such services more widely available. Rekindling hope and rebuilding live, the Centre is staffed by multi-ethnic, multilingual social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, education specialists, art therapists, and graduate interns from local universities. Families are from ---

Turkey, Somalia, Bosnia, India,Russia,Vietnam,Spain,Cambodia,Japan,Portugal, China,Korea, Germany to name just a few. Services offered include -- Program for Survivors of Torture and Severe Trauma (PSTT), multicultural mental health treatment and evaluation services, aid to victims of domestic violence, housing, cross cultural training, children’s education, and much more.

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Ramadan at a University in Spain

Originally uploaded by Mustard.
The photo is courtesy of Matt Vallea who attends Saint Louis University in Madrid Spain. Most of the students are American, but there are students from allover the world. He says, "It's fun to be fasting with my Muslim friends."

Check out his album, he adds Ramadan photos regularly.

Iftar Sofrasi

  Iftar Sofrasi 
  Originally uploaded by filiz.

iftar Leila

  Originally uploaded by sisterscorpion.

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Karipap tu aku (tolong tengok orang) buat

Iftar Photo

October 16, 2005

Zuni Café celebrates the artistry of Paula Wolfert

by Carolyn Tillie

Paula_arrives_1On Thursday, October 13, 2005, Judy Rodgers and Zuni Café celebrated the release of Ms. Wolfert's completely revised and updated The Cooking of Southwest France.  The original seminal edition, published over 20 years ago, laid the foundation and opened the doors to a regional cuisine then considered exotic. In an era when building your own pizza on store-bought Bobboli crust was considered "cooking Italian," The Cooking of Southwest France introduced concepts of rustic sophistication of French cuisine to an English-speaking public.  In researching and revising her original tome, Paula enlisted the aid of a small group of enthusiastic supporters via the internet to test and retest both old and new recipes.


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Uighur Muslim Foods by K.M. Abramson

Grilling_kabob My notes from a recent trip to Khotan, Karghilik, Yarkand, Kashgar, and Urumqi, all in Xinjiang. Using Mandarin and basic Uighur, we were able to get the names and ingredients of most of the dishes we tried, and I’ve listed them here with a brief description. This was my first trip to Xinjiang; any insights or corrections would be welcome.

(grilling kabob)

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Euroblogger Parcel Exchange by Farid Zadi

I participated in Euroblogging by post organized by Andrew. I recieved my package a while back from London and am late in posting. Teaching double shifts and on Saturdays leaves me little free time.


This is the lovely parcel I received from London. I did not expect so many ingredients. I will update this post once I figure something out. The dried lily buds stump me a bit and did not expect them from Europe.

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