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November 13, 2005

Last 100 visitors 9:20 AM Pacific Standard Time

The demographics change according to the time of day. I thought it would be fun for the readers and contributors to see a "random" sampling of visitors.

1.  Montbran, Bretagne, France    
2. Danbury, Connecticut, United States    
3. Las Vegas, Nevada, United States    
4. Flavion, Namur, Belgium    
5. Burnsville, Minnesota, United States    
6. Toronto, Ontario, Canada    
7. Chiswick, Slough, United Kingdom    
8. Greensboro, North Carolina, United States    
9. Delhi, Delhi, India  
10. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada  
11. Portland, Oregon, United States  
12. Shreveport, Louisiana, United States  
13. Arley, Coventry, United Kingdom  
14. Derendingen, Solothurn, Switzerland  
15. Oslo, Oslo, Norway  
16. Toronto, Ontario, Canada  
17. United States  
18. Kampong Melayu Kebun Bunga, Selangor, Malaysia  
19. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States  
20. Delhi, Delhi, India  
21. Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia
22. Stockholm, Stockholms Lan, Sweden  
23. Normal, Illinois, United States  
24. Walnut, California, United States  
25. Slough, Slough, United Kingdom  
26. Nice, Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur, France  
27. Sheffield, Sheffield, United Kingdom  
28. Slough, Slough, United Kingdom  
29. Slough, Slough, United Kingdom  
30. Font Rousse, Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur, France  
31. Aurora, Colorado, United States  
32. Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico  
33. Jurong Town, Singapore  
34. Bergenfield, New Jersey, United States  
35. Short Hills, New Jersey, United States  
36. Reims-la-Brulée, Champagne-Ardenne, France  
37. Sheffield, Sheffield, United Kingdom  
38. Orlando, Florida, United States  
39. London, Lambeth, United Kingdom  
40. Pully, Vaud, Switzerland  
41. Reykjavík, Gullbringusysla, Iceland  
42. New York, New York, United States  
43. East Grand Forks, Minnesota, United States  
44. Vanves, Ile-de-France, France  
45. Algiers, Alger, Algeria  
46. Riyadh, Ar Riyad, Saudi Arabia  
47. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States  
48. Villejuif, Ile-de-France, France  
49. Kampong Baharu Cheras Batu Sembilan, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia  
50. Phoenix, Arizona, United States

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November 11, 2005

Dosa Sale at Chez Panisse

Hello All,

We thought you might like to know about a clothing sale that the Chez Panisse Foundation and dosa are organizing this Sunday. It will benefit the School Lunch Initiative.

Regards, Sylvan Brackett


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November 10, 2005

Thai Hot Dogs by Ji Young Park


I don't know if the place actually serves Thai Hot Dogs, although it would not surprise me. I've never heard of a hot dog with "Thai flavors" but stranger things have been concocted like pastrami burritos. Most likely they serve casual Thai dishes and the new owners simply did not bother to take down the hot dog on top of the structure. When I have more time I'll take a look at the menu. I took the photo through my car window.

I'm also posting photos of architectural oddities and peculiar juxtapositions here along with photos of where people shop for food in Los Angeles County, everything from produce trucks, farmer's markets, gourmet shops to so-called ethnic markets. Click on the link to see a colorful concrete block building next to a Korean Buddhist Temple next to a craftsman home.

I also started a thread on Filipino groceries and restaurants around the world. I am the LA correspondent for a group of Filipino food bloggers.

I have an Olympus Stylus 800 and a nifty Olympus SLR, both cameras can take high quality photos. All the shots you've seen so far were taken hastily, sometimes while driving! I don't really have the time to do more. But if there is a specific request I will take the time for better quality photographs. My focus is primarily on Korea Town at the moment, but I want to go into different parts of LA County to present a more complete picture of Los Angelenos.

November 07, 2005

Sheafs of Green and Red by Karen


No, I'm not working on a rice post. Well, not yet. I just want to show the pictures of what I found out earlier.

The photo on the left is of regular lowland irrigated rice while the one on the right  is rainfed lacatan malutu or red-husked glutinous rice used for duman. These were taken months apart but the sheafs of grain are approximately of the same age.

In most, if not all Filipino languages, we use different terms to distinguish unhusked rice from milled and then cooked grains. In Kapampangan (a language of Central Luzon), these are palé, abias and nasi respectively (palay, bigas and kanin in Tagalog). There would even be other terms for cold rice, crusty rice found at the bottom of the pot, and so on. But for now, we'll stick to the first three terms mentioned earlier.

Now, this is where we enlist reader participation. What do you call rice in your language(s)? Are there different terms like those mentioned above? Let us know, we'd love to hear from you!

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