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April 16, 2006

Questions I recieve via email and through comments by Farid Zadi

I get a lot of emails and comments with food questions. Over time I have found many repeat questions. Rather than repeat my answers via email or on the blogs I will post them this thread in bookofraiforum.

You can also join the forum to post the questions yourself. There are other members who can help you with your questions,


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Dear Mr. Farid Zadi:

Tazzla Institute is in partnership with Adrum Production of Beverly Hills to promote a project called 'Berber nights" in Los Angeles. I am the president of Tazzla Institute , a Catalan/Kabyle born and raised in Morocco, and Umalu (Adrum) is a Kabyle from Algeria.

We have obtained the support of the Department
of Cultural Affairs of the City of Los Angele
to promote Amazigh culture in the city.

Our first event is May 20th at the building of Alliance Francaise, on Pico Boulevard. We will serve refreshments and would like to know if you would help this effort by contributing Algerian/Moroccan/Amazigh treats
We would of course highlight your contribution as an Algerian chef. Our guests will number about 60-70. If you cannot completely donate your time and culinary offerings, perhaps we can discuss some minimal cost?

Moreover, I have been asked to prepare the reception and events of the opening of a major UCLA Exhibit on Amazigh people, and food was also mentioned. I would love to connect with you and discuss a MAJOR culinary opportunity for you at this event that will honor a Tuareg delegation with also the particicpation of the City of Los angeles and its Mayor. We are looking for some very special food array there to honor the Amazigh culture. That event will pay well.

I am looking forward to meeting you.

The Masnaf sounds wonderful. A question: the dried yogurt you mention, is it the same (or nearly the same) as kishk/kashk etc? I can get that here and would like to try using it. I can also get very tart strained yogurts. What would be the proportions to use if I were to use the kishk instead of fresh yogurt?

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