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August 17, 2006

Life Stories by Kamal Mouzzawak

Note from Farid Zadi. Kamal and I have been discussing doing something food related on a Pan-Arab level, encompassing all the countries of the Arab speaking world. The project is from the ground up for farmers and producers and providing space for them to sell. It will be promoted locally and internationally through multiple media (print, web, TV) outlets in Arabic, French and English. Sponsorship and support will come from various sources. There are also research and education opportunities. I will provide more details as ready.

Souk el Tayeb website

If you know of a farmer or producer in the Maghreb or Mashriq please let me know.

Life stories by Kamal Mouzzawak 

How to find few moments to write these lines, and forget for a while about killing, air strikes and massacres ... 

This is not about not about death, destruction and war ... that are happening night and day since nearly 3 weeks, but about families, children and individual trying to live and go on. 

This is about small farmers and producers, from all over Lebanon, who gathered and formed Souk el Tayeb, Lebanon’s first farmers’ market, more than 2 years ago, beyond their religious, regional, political or confessional believes. They all had a dream, a vision and a reality of respecting, loving and producing the best of their land. 

“Souk el tayeb” is the “market of “good”; in Arabic “tayeb” means good tasting, good as a person, and most important good as alive, still living. An attribute difficult to keep and maintain these days. 

Today, Souk el tayeb family is scattered and wounded.

Ali Fahs is stuck with his family in Jebcheit, a village near Nabatyieh, completely cut from the rest of the world and in a constant threat.

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