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October 14, 2007

Los Angeles Food Scene by Ji-Young Park

I have a job offer for a regular writing gig and enough freelance contacts to spend most of my days exploring and reporting on the food and lifestyle scene in Los Angeles.

I'll post short reports here fairly regularly.

I'll take my handy camcorder out and post some foodcasts here. Maybe interviews with local farmers, vendors and chefs I know. I'm also reviewing restaurants. And, no I won't be reviewing restaurants where I am a friend of the house or chef or known to them. In these cases my reports will clearly state any kind of relationship and will be very different from restaurant reviews. The LA restaurant scene is vast and I am anonymous in the majority of them.

And finally, if things go according to schedule it looks I'll start traveling a lot more next year, mostly in California, New York, the Mediterranean countries and Southeast Asia. A trip to Mexico is also a strong possibility at the moment.



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Thank you Tana!

Congratulations on scoring a gig that uses your favorite talents!

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