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September 09, 2005

Blog of The Week by Farid Zadi

I'm choosing more than one this week. I'm becoming involved in an internet project that brings together bloggers from the Maghreb and Mashriq. At the very least it will have to be trilingual, because we write in French, English and Arabic. I don't know of any bloggers who write in Tamazight. I don't foresee a problem with translations though since most of us are at the very least bilingual.

Maghreb Blog is mostly in French, with some English posts. est un blog collectif édité par des blogueurs maghrébins qui croient en le potentiel des blogs comme moyen de promotion des valeurs de tolérance, de fraternité, et de dialogue. se veut un espace de partage et de débats, et un pont de rapprochement des blogosphères maghrébines. is a collective blog published by Maghrebian bloggers who believe in the potential of blogs as a medium for promoting tolerance, brotherhood, and dialogue. Maghreblog is a space for shared responsibility and debate, a bridge that brings together the Maghrebian blogsphere.

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