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June 20, 2006

Molly’s Moxie: A Recipe by Karen Resta

There’s a scene in “Mostly True” that puts into a nutshell what this book offers. We are in artsy, hip Provincetown, Massachusetts, where Molly has become a chef. With the able help of two of her brothers (who also have learned to cook very well), she has prepared dinner for her parents and youngest brother, come all the way from staid Columbus, Ohio to visit. As the family strolls through town, towards Molly’s apartment, Molly and her two brothers try to redirect their guest’s attention away from any “potentially disturbing sights”.

“Look at the boat!” I cried, directing their attention to
the huge sails of the Hindu on the bay as a man wearing a studded leather strap-on approached us on the sidewalk.
“Look at the hydrangea!” I cried as we drew close to the
guesthouse whose front yard had been transformed in to an
S and M playground for Barbie dolls.
“Look at your arm,” said my mother, stopping to gape at the red, lash-shaped burns that scored my right forearm. “What are you doing to yourself?”
“Oh, steam burns,” I said. “From the lobster pot.”
“You’ve got to stop this, Molly, said my mother. “You could be marked for life! What will people think?”

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