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November 02, 2005

Readership ranking by country

I'm bumping up this post to add some new countries. I'm trying to add a mapstats link to this blog.

Readership ranking by country:

1. France

2. United States (very close second to France)

3. Other continental European countries: Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Germany

4. UK, Australia and Canada (very close to #3)

5. Middle Eastern Countries: UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia

6. Turkey, Pakistan and India

7. Maghreb: Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia

8. Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia

9. Philippines, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan and Korea

10. We've been getting more page views from Finland,  Norway, SLovenia and The Ukraine.

11. We haven't gotten many, I mention it just for fun. South Africa, Ghana, Mozambique and Senegal!

12. Many other countries but the number of page views is not noteworthy yet.

I tried installing one of those visible visitors by country and for some reason it came out scrambled and messed up the site. It took me several hours to fix the site each time I tried.

October 02, 2005

Newsletter by Farid Zadi

OK, not quite a newsletter.

1. Comments are moderated because I don't want spam comments that simply advertise another site. They are not moderated for the sake of editing. The only few comments that I have not published are ones that have nothing to do with the blogs. I do realize that as the blogs grow in readership something that allows posters to have a more fluid conversation will be necessary. Perhaps a chat room or forum attached to this. But it would have to be multi-lingual.

2. The blogs will be re-organized for easier searching and reading, as soon as my wife figures out how to use moveable type. It should not take her that long, but she has been busy with other projects.

3. There are more writers signing up as guest authors such as Habeeb Salloum and Linda D. Sawaya. I'm still looking for authors from different countries to contribute. If you know of someone or you are interested in contributing please email me at The authors need not be published writers obviously. Since this blog is in English it is limiting for writers who are not confident about their English writing skills. We can assist with editing if that is a concern.

4. I'll add a calendar of author related events very soon. Authors who would like me to announce events or appearances can simply email them to me or post it on their own.

September 24, 2005

The Cooking of Southwest France


                         "AN INDISPENSABLE COOKBOOK"

—Jeffrey Steingarten, Vogue

The culinary classic, now completely revised and enhanced with sixty new recipes 

The Cooking of
Southwest France

Recipes from France’s Magnificent Rustic Cuisine

Paula Wolfert


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August 18, 2005

Monica Bhide's New Column- Cook Global by Farid Zadi

I'm delighted to announce Monica's new column Glocal Meals - Cook Global, Eat Local debuted on August 7th 2005 in mE magazine. mE magazine comes out each Sunday with DNA (Daily News and Mail), India's newest newspaper. Recipes include Mango Chicken Salad and Melon Soup.

Monica has written for the New York Times, Food and Wine, Economic Times, Cooking Light, The Washington Times, The Chicago Tribune and of course she is one of the authors on Ya Ray Our Rai.

August 07, 2005

Blog Newsletter August by Farid Zadi

About once a month I will post a newsletter of sorts regarding the direction of this blog and to address general comments and questions I receive.

First of all I'd like to say that this is not my blog. I function more of as an editor and archiver with a lot of help from my wife.

The content and readership of this blog is growing very rapidly. In a month or so the content will be organized differently, more like a website connected to this blog. Navigation will be much easier.

The readers are largely comprised of culinary students around the world, as well as professionals and novices  interested in food and culture.

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